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Tongkat Ali is made available using the latest scientific techniques and the highest quality controlled methods of extraction

Tongkat Ali is now made available using the latest  scientific techniques and the highest quality  controlled methods of extraction. The best quality is  from a product with 100% pure Tongkat Ali water  soluble extract, scientifically processed and  encapsulated.

Tongkat Ali water-soluble extract is superior in efficacy and quality. The dosage is standardized and the formulation is based on pharmacokinetic studies and observations, to ensure its effectiveness, safety and efficacy. Scientists and researchers have shown that the water-soluble extract is very safe and non-toxic, even at relatively high dosage.

In Vitro studies with Tongkat Ali showed a 440% increase in testosterone. In human studies, analysis of the DHEA showed gradual increase in the level from 26% after 1 week to 47% in 3 weeks. SHBG analysis showed decrease in level from 36% after 1 week to 66% after 3 weeks. Consequently, when the SHBG level declines, the Free Testosterone Index goes up in most subjects. This increase in Free Testosterone indicates that it has a bio-stimulatory effect on steroidogensis, meaning that Long jack has the ability to enhance testosterone biosynthesis. Studies done by the department of Pharmacognosy, Tokyo College of Pharmacy & the Faculty of Medicine, Tokyo University, Japan, found anti-cancer properties by isolating anti-leukemia activities of compounds from the plant.